Mod HQ – 4444 palette fix and more GUI

With trying to make the tool more useful, I’ve started fleshing out the data files GUI, allowing access to the content within .BAR files, and the ability to convert and save them to more useable formats. After building a grid of icons displaying content, I noticed some of the files were loading incorrectly (pinkish when they should have been blue or brown). This turned out to be caused by 4444 palette images being handled differently than other types. These images store alpha information in the pixel data, in a strange interleaved format.

– [4 bits] p1 alpha
– [4 bits] p2 alpha
– [4 bits] p3 alpha
– [4 bits] p4 alpha
– [8 bits] p1 colour index
– [8 bits] p2 colour index
– [8 bits] p3 colour index
– [8 bits] p4 colour index
– [4 bits] p5 alpha
– […]

The DDT loader has been changed to load these correctly, and it seems to be working correctly now.

Download (Downgraded to .Net 4)


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