Bugfixes and tweaks

In this build I’ve lightened the UI a little more and given it a more consistent colour (everything is brown, instead of the stone being tinted blue). Also made some more icons and modeled/textured a Minotaur. Looks a little plain, but it’ll do for now.

RTS4 Brighter UI and Minotaur

I’ve also fixed up a desync bug, player technologies were not being correctly cloned, so players would likely see some stuttering after aging up. This was caused by entities registering their technology references to the player AFTER the player had already cloned active technologies; basically the age2 research could flicker on/off.

The game also supports having multiple games running at the same time (so I can simulate two “multiplayer” clients with high latency easily in unity). I’ve used that to fix a few more desync/clone errors, but it also makes it cleaner to start new games.


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