BAR Extractor improvements

Texture support was (possibly) fixed for BTX (and DDT support added) to the BAR extractor. Just drag a BAR file into the page and it’ll load up thumbnails for all images within. I’m using it to look through the Age of Mythology files; I dont have Age of Empires 3 installed, but it should work with that too.


Visit here to use the tool.


AOM-inspired and compatible game

I’ve decided to create a blog to document progress on random projects I’m working on, the latest one being an AOM-inspired RTS.

A wise man (Dylan from AGDC) once taught me of the importance of coming up with a mission statement for each game, so that the original intent of the game remains throughout development. My goals for this game are pretty simple:

Bring the latest improvements and expectations from the RTS genre to Age of Mythology

This is impossible by simply modding the existing game, and doing that would be no fun, so instead I am on my way to build my own game, attempting to achieve the same style and feel as AoM, but going beyond what was possible back in 2001, when Ensemble built their masterpiece.

The modding community at has invested a huge amount of time and effort into building innovative and wonderful extensions and tweaks for the game which should not be ignored. This new game will be built to take advantage of as many of these assets as possible.

Random Maps

Age of Mythology has quite a unique random mapping system, in which a relatively short code file builds a complex, beautiful, and balanced game world with a given seed. This gives an effectively infinite number of possible maps each with unique opportunities for strategies and gameplay. These maps are written in a language called XScript, in an environment called RMS. The maps define Areas with tile sets to decorate and define those areas, Connections connecting the various areas and ensuring paths are possible, and object/player placements.


I have not yet investigated in much detail how the AI works in Age of Mythology, but this appears to also make use of the XScript language to define behavioral properties.

Tech Tree and Entity Properties

Age of Mythology is a very data driven game, most properties about the buildings, units, god powers, and tech tree of the game is driven by XML files. An XML file for a building will describe all the units which can be produced from it, through icons in a grid. The system can then look the data file for the units to extract more information about them. The units can then have their own set of actions for things they can produce, which then reference yet more entities. A number of constraints on these items prevents them from being visible until the appropriate tech has been unlocked.

More progress has been made at the time of this writing, but the initial build looked something like this with the acropolis.xs map loaded. This build had a very rough first-pass area system just for testing, had scale issues, and didnt support smoothing properly, but this shows the XScript compiler working, a map loading, and the API’s being executed correctly.

This game will be code-named RTS4 from now on (ignore that the title bar says AOT)