Ludum Dare 26

I was planning on doing Uni work this weekend, but lots of friends were entering the Ludum Dare gamejam, and the theme was pretty cool, “Minimalist”. I decided to put together the quickest RTS I could, based off of SimWar.

I’ve managed to get multiplayer working with lockstep synchronisation, along with some basic RTS features: team colours, collision checks, the worlds worst pathfinding, unit selection/ordering/placement. The games page is available here:
Ludum Dare – SimWar

I’m pretty happy with the results, especially for less than 24 hours of development time. It gave me a good way to test how the networking would work for RTS4. It also allowed me to test the simulation rate being significantly slower than the rendered framerate (simulation is at 4fps) and the visuals being interpolated. I had previously been told that this wouldn’t work, however it seems to be quite effective and wold make fast forwarding through replays much faster.