AoM Farm Optimiser

I haven’t had much time lately for RTS4, but I needed a break from Uni work, so decided to build a quick farm optimising website. Drag around to pan the camera, click items on the right to select that type, and click in the world to place them. Select objects and drag them to move them, or press delete to delete them. The average distance is calculated as the average distance from 4 points on each farm to the nearest drop site.

Update: Added collisions and shadows, it looks a lot nicer now
AoM Farm Optimiser Screenshot (with shadows)
WebGL (IE11, Firefox, Chrome)



Unity RTS Updates 2

I havent done much this update, but thought I should have the latest version up. This update is primarily just touching up the fog of war, it is now blocked by trees and cliffs (and any other high objects). The ambient occlusion was also changed, not sure if its an improvement. And theres been a ton of code cleanup to get the fog of war code into something that would be more easily plugged into a new project.

If you want to build an RTS of your own, Elgar’s Code Musings is a decent place to start, he’s written up his findings while developing an RTS in Unity.

AoM Community Members

No new progress yet on the game unfortunately, too much uni work to do :(. This post is just to share with others some awesome AoM community members I’ve come across:

Strategy Game Videos is my favourite member, his plays remind me of why I love AoM. So many different variations on strategies and he has a very good understanding of and ability to read games and the map.
NidhoggNation is pretty similar to SGV, does some cool challenges and is a pretty good caster; interesting to listen to.
MurkyMists doesn’t do any commentary, but still has some pretty cool videos and a cool intro video. Well.. mainly this video 😀
Pubby8 was also building an AoM-inspired game, called Era of Myth, although seems to have abandoned it now. He has a lot of cool programming tips on his blog, but spends quite a lot of time and energy on code form and optimisations, which I think get in the way of progress (its better to have a slow and buggy game, than no game at all) and often indicate using the wrong paradigm for the wrong environment (I’m not a fan of C++ anymore, only use it in my job).
And I cant forget Heaven games, which has been keeping AoM alive for a very long time.
Adding 1 more: NakaTV DM has some of the most awesome plays I have seen yet. Insane matches with so much going on at the same time.

If you know of any more, please leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them!